Principal's Desk

The Government of India, under the leadership of our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has a vision to transform our country in different spheres of life and make it a ‘New India’ by the year 2022. In order to achieve this grand objective, the country requires to make phenomenal changes in its policies. The focus must be on structural changes in core areas and in the attitude of people. One core area which requires special attention is the education because only an educated nation can become a truly developed nation.

In the present scenario there are several concerns in the field of education. One of the important areas of concern is the atmosphere of security in the educational institutions. The recent incidents that have taken place in some of the schools have shaken the conscience of the entire nation. In order to address this issue St. Thomas School, Chunar, has initiated a thorough audit of the security systems that are followed in the school. The entire campus is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras which are constantly monitored; the entry and exit points are manned by the guards as well as the teachers during the entry of the students as well as exit. We also have regular drills of first aid protocols, emergency evacuation plans and other drills that are related to the security of students as mandated by the CBSE. Thus we can say that St. Thomas School, Chunar, addresses the security concerns with utmost care and it is the top priority of the management.

The digital revolution has enabled easy access to the information. The cyber market has become competitive that has enabled to access data at lower rates. This can become a game changer in the field of education because the teachers as well as students will have easy access to the repositories of knowledge. But this has a flip side because the technology can be misused and the gullible students can be easily misled as it can be seen in the case of Blue Whale game which has victimised innocent students. The teachers and parents have added responsibility to educate regarding the correct use of cyber technology. St. Thomas School is conscious of its responsibility in guiding the students about the use of latest technologies. We have conducted informative workshops for our students so that they learn about the uses and abuses of cyber world especially social networks.

St. Thomas School, Chunar, shares the vision of renewing the country and we are contributing in this process by implementing the new ways of administering the institution. We are also instilling the sense of cleanliness in our students so that we have clean Chunar in the days to come. If all the stakeholders work together with one goal in mind we can convert this county into a ‘New India.”

Fr. Vincent Pereira