Principal's Desk

Daniel Webster has rightly said, ‘If we work on marbles, it will perish, If we work upon brass, time will efface it , If we rear temples, they will crumble into dust but if we work on immortal souls, if we imbue them with principles, with fear of the creator and love of fellow men, we engrave on those tablets, something which will brighten all eternity’.

Education is that tool with which we can imbue the noble values and principles in the hearts of the upcoming generation to lay a strong foundation of a value based society. Education is that weapon which can prevent the moral erosion which came in as an after effect of the technological advancement the world has made. Even as I pen this message I am painfully aware of the grim reality of Corona virus Pandemic which has come down heavily on the education system disrupting on and off the physical classroom activities. In fact Covid-19 Pandemic was a social, economic and educational challenge for each one of us and yet we had been facing it with grit, exploring new ways of moving forward in life. In spite of the uncertainty prevailing, as responsible guardians, you are called upon to care for the wholesome developmental needs of your needs of your children which will help propel them to take on future challenges of the mid twenty-first century by achieving their best in life. Thus choosing the right educational environment conducive for personality blooming of your child is a top priority. As the principal of St.Thomas school, Chunar, I feel exceptionally happy that this school which is at the heart of the local community is ready to render yeoman service , equipped with ample infrastructure and dedicated work force with a determination to render tailored education to allow every student to achieve their best in life.